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Team Innovedia
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INNOVEDIA was launched in the beginning of 2020 - with the original intention of establishing an event agency. It started with the pandemic coming in early in our journey threwing unexpected hurdles our way.

Instead of being deterred, we adapted and learned to think outside the traditional framework.The initial plan for an event-focused agency shifted, and INNOVEDIA evolved into a dynamic agency that prioritizes adaptability. Navigating the uncertainties of the pandemic became a learning curve which pushed us to redefine our approach and embrace change. 

Today, we're based in Stockholm with a strong team who have grown into a company that thrives on creative solutions, unafraid to break away from conventions.


We are passionate about navigating challenges with creativity and resilience and we believe in redefining narratives to make your brand stand

out in today's dynamic landscape. Your path to success begins with us, where our passion

meets your brand's story.


Let’s Work Together

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We're looking forward to hear from you!

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