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Need some creative thinkers? Then you have come to the right place. With years of experience to learn from in the past and a lot of interest in always finding creative new solutions, INNOVEDIA probably Is the answer to a lot of your future plans and challanges.

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Social Media

Ok, so there is an algorithm making it harder to reach out on Instagram, that is far from new information. But besides beating the algorithm there is still hundreds of things to keep in mind for your professional Instagram account. Like, how do I attract my targeted audience to even follow me? How do I even know which people to attract and where do I find them? Is it really interesting for your followers to see how you took your employees out for a run? 

When posting on Instagram you have to make sure that you stay put to your common thread, answering your fans fast and that your overall feed looks great. 

I know that this is a lot to take in, and the truth is, you probably won´t succeed with it by giving it away to some employee as something extra and fun. Social media is a real thing and in the same way you would not let head of economics make the company website, why do it with your socials? When looking for a restaurant, you don´t just randomly go to the restaurants website anymore! You go straight to Instagram, search for the official account and geotags. People want to know what to wear, what vibe it is, what type of food you serve and if you got cool interior to hang out in. 

Luckily you have us now! And we have gathered professionals to make sure that this will no longer be a headache for you. We will make sure that the next time you watch your companys Instagram profile, you smile!

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