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Today we produce four podcasts in our studio - Stökigheter, Paus, Lattemorsorna & Känn dig som hemma. Conversations about everything from mom's life and big city life to training, youth life and just generally nice talk. There's no doubt that you get a pleasant listening!

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    STÖKIGHETER med Jenna och Martin

    Your favorite duo in two messy formats! Both in a video and audio. To give you an extra laugh (or many) in the middle of the week, you now get an exclusive insight into what two time optimists' everyday lives can look like. What is life really like as a gluten allergy sufferer for Martin and what has Jenna picked up for gossip at the latest event she has been to? Jump on the train and find out EVERYTHING and a little more!


    Jenna Nevrin: @jennalovisa
    Martin Hedlund: @martinhedlund

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    PAUS med Julia och Linda

    In the podcast PAUS with Julia & Linda, the mothers of young children Julia & Linda will go through just about all the topics that exist in terms of life they are in (of course with a twinkle in the eye) Stress, press, children, upbringing, work, everyday life, love & everything we humans are working hard to make everything work! Lots of laughter & lots of tears - no one is left untouched when mothers lighten their hearts & share their stories! A break from life simply.



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    LATTEMORSORNA med Nelly och Sara

    We have discovered that life as a young mother in the middle of Stockholm's inner city not only raises many questions, there is also no one (yet) who has really addressed it. This podcast should therefore be about being just that, a young mother in the middle of the action in the inner city. We want to show that you do not need to have everything in life under control, a super career, the dream villa, etc. before you have children. It is actually possible to be a woman, mother, young person and still succeed well in life. Sounds obvious but we think the message is important to get out. But, above all, we want to highlight that life does NOT stop just because you have children. On the contrary, life becomes what you make it out to be. Yes we drink bubbly, yes we are out on Stureplan and are sometimes baked, but we are still the best mothers possible for our children!


    Our podcast is about everything, high and low without limits. Sometimes we end up deep in the emotional darkness and sometimes we talk about the latest maternity trend on Östermalm. Our podcast should convey a warmth, a free zone for anyone to enter. It should feel as if the listener is sitting there with us and taking a glass of red.




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    KÄNN DIG SOM HEMMA med Daki Savic


    Sit down, have a drink from the fridge, or are you hungry for coffee? Bun? Coffee? Any scoops of ice cream? Come dressed in a suit or pajamas, straight from work in your work clothes or straight from the beach in wet swimming shorts. Up with your feet on the table, feel at home! Time to talk a little!




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